European Student Convention

The European Student Convention (ESC) is an amazing, once-a-year opportunity for students who use the ACE curriculum. 

More than anything, it is a place for ACE students to belong.


This convention is for young people 12 years of age and older, with a junior convention for 9 - 12 year olds. Students compete against each other in a number of events including Art, Photography, Drama, Music, Sport & Athletics, Academics and Bible Memory.


ESC is held at Kingham Hill School in the Cotswolds, a beautiful facility where young people have the opportunity of a lifetime to develop their gifts & talents, all to God’s glory!

Save the date!

10th - 13th July 2024

Kingham Hill School, Chipping Norton OX7 6TH


All the information you need is below. Please start with the What You Need to Know.

What You Need to Know

Find out costs, deadline dates, and view a list of available events (Updated: 19/02/2024)

Judges Forms

Download blank judges forms to help students prepare for their events (08/02/2023)

Registration Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have gathered all the forms needed to register

Senior Event Guidelines

Guidelines for all events senior students can enter (Updated: 14/03/2024) 

What's changed?
- Photography guidelines updated to reflect camera and phone categories

- Clarified that Scrapbooking is not early entry.

- Clarified that Worship Band is a live event.

Junior Event Guidelines

Guidelines for all events junior students can enter (Updated: 15/03/2024)

Student Diary

Coming Soon!

Dates to Remember

Important dates for ESC 2024!

Bookings Open: 20 February
'Early Bird' Bookings Close: 31 March
All Bookings Close: 26 April
Early Entry Submission: 12 May
Final Event Changes: 12 May
Final Payment: 17 May