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A programme, not just a curriculum

With the goal of equipping parents and churches to educate children using an academically proven curriculum that cultivates a Biblical Worldview, Christian Education Europe provides access to the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme. A.C.E. offers a complete, self-instructional curriculum that integrates Bible truths and character values throughout all subjects and grade levels. Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the programme, developing critical thinking and apologetic skills, and science is taught from the Biblical perspective of creation. The curriculum presents 90 character traits of Jesus throughout the PACE material and incorporates role modelling that promotes Biblical integrity and Christlike character.

What is a PACE?

A.C.E. offers individualised school curriculum for Years 1 – 13. The six core subjects provide for the students’ essential learning needs. These core subjects are Maths, English, Science, Social Studies, Word Building (including Etymology) and Literature. Academic electives, stand-alone educational software, and learning-to-read programmes are added for enhanced learning opportunities. The curriculum is presented in the form of workbooks called PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education), and each subject consists of 12 PACEs per level.  Students work daily on PACEs one at a time, in each of the subjects.Each student generally completes a minimum of 72 PACEs in one academic year; however, this varies according to the student’s ability.

Individualised Learning

Children receive an Academic Prescription that allows them to progress at their own level and rate of learning. Diagnostic Testing determines the specific requirements of each child, while the ACE material allows the supervisor to give personal and precise assistance where necessary.

Mastery Learning

ACE provides each child with the opportunity to actually learn the material they are studying. Mastery learning is essential for educational success. Students do not move onto a new concept until they have demonstrated that they have adequately learned the immediate material.

Biblical Worldview

Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum. Each student is taught from a Biblical perspective, developing critical thinking skills which enable them to discern what truly is “…the good and acceptable and perfect will of God”. Romans 12:2

Christian Character

The ACE curriculum presents 90 character traits of Jesus throughout the PACE material and presents role modelling that promotes Biblical integrity and Christ-like character. This, along with the practice and procedures, goal setting and routines, enables students to develop Godly character 24/7.

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Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, & Calculus

From four-function math to algebra and differential calculus, the student learns how to approach mathematical problems in a well-grounded, step-by-step manner. Students are encouraged to recognise God as the Creator of order and absolutes.

Grammar and Usage

Proper use of English as a language is not innate in an individual, but a skill to be developed. The curriculum does this through its balanced scope and sequence, which includes extensive repetition of the eight parts of speech as well as step-by-step training in research and essay writing.

Word Structure & Spelling

Word-building increases the students’ vocabulary and reinforces their confidence and capability in spelling. Basic spelling rules are introduced and illustrated, while the study of the meanings of suffixes, prefixes, and root words allows students to build new words & expand their vocabulary.

History, Geography, & Economics

Social Studies looks at world history and cultures from the perspective of God as the Creator and controller of the universe. The PACEs develop deductive reasoning and include a variety of activities, with examples of individuals who have practised the precepts of God through the ages.

Biology, Physics, & Chemistry

A.C.E. takes the students’ natural curiosity about their physical environment and helps them build a solid foundation based on Biblical principles. It is non-evolutionary in approach and content. Experiments are performed, and laboratory sessions are featured on DVDs.

Literature & Creative Writing

Younger students are encouraged to enjoy reading and are led through the foundational concepts of creative writing. Through study guides, older students sample the classics and modern literature, along with poetry from various periods.

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A complete curriculum from early years to higher education and the workplace

The A.C.E. programme contains a full Preschool and Learning to Read programme, which leads directly onto the core curriculum. At secondary level, students work towards the International Certificate of Christian Education.

Learning to


The A.C.E. Curriculum provides a comprehensive Preschool curriculum and a Learning to Read programme, which teaches children to read phonetically in 16 weeks.

Qualified to


The International Certificate of Christian Education provides Christian qualifications for students studying on the A.C.E. programme throughout the world.

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