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Is volunteering for me?

Sometimes there are points in life when you think, 

"I have something to give, but I don't know what to give, or who to give to, or how to give."

The answer for you could be: volunteering

You may be under the impression that what you have to give as a volunteer is not enough. 

If you do think this way, look at the current situation of the world. There are so many areas of need. 

If you have been privileged with things like -- education, Godly upbringing, life experiences, finances, time to focus on talents, supportive family and friends -- then you have most certainly been equipped to give something back to your world and your community.

So where to start?

Seek God

This is pretty much the first thing you should do in every situation, but we often forget this and then get all flustered when we don't need to, so this is a great reminder.

Seeking God gives clarity. If you are thinking of volunteering, then His guidance will be beneficial for you as you make your choice. He knows what you are capable of and what you need to learn and experience. He knows how your talents will benefit others. He will lead you to the right opportunity.

Do some research

There are LOADS of organisations that would happily take you on as a volunteer, and there are so many areas you can choose from.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Where can I volunteer? Community, overseas
  • What skills do I have that will help? Creative, tech savvy, good communicator
  • Who do I want to help? People, environment, wildlife

Remember, when researching, Google is your friend.

Prepare yourself to be pushed out of your comfort zone

One of the harsh truths of life is -- you will rarely feel ready for the unknown.

Volunteering will take you to places where you are sure to be uncomfortable.

You will get new responsibilities that you don't feel prepared for, and you will have to get to know and work alongside new people.

The best way to look at this is: this IS preparation. There always has to be a first time for everything.

This may be the first time you have to jump into a new experience. So trust God -- and jump. 

You will be surprised to see how much you are actually capable of and how much you learn.

Volunteer with us!

Here at Christian Education we have a few opportunities for those who want to volunteer (for people of all ages).

The 24-7 Team

The 24-7 Team is a group of ACE graduates and young adults who want to give back to the younger students who are still using the ACE programme. The team comes together to support our big events, TEACH Camp and European Student Convention. 

The 24-7 Experience allows a Team member to:

  • Support and be a Godly example to the current ACE students
  • Use their skills and talents to help run big events
  • Meet and create friendships with other members of the team
  • Enjoy the experience of being at TEACH Camp and ESC
  • Learn new skills and make great memories
  • Oh, 24-7 team members also get a free hoodie!
Request a 24-7 Team Application Form!

Educational Assistance

This is an opportunity for ACE graduates to go to another country and volunteer in an ACE school. This is a great option for new graduates who are not sure about what to do next and are thinking about taking a Gap year.

There are currently EA Opportunities in:

  • Honduras
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • Asia
  • Canada
  • USA 
Apply to be an Educational Assistant via ACE Ministries

ESC Judging

European Student Convention is a massive event and there's always a need for people to volunteer to help with the judging in each category. If you have skills or experience in any area in the categories of academics, art, music, drama, or sports, and would like to be a part of our judges team, let us know. We'd love to have you on board.

Request to be an ESC Judge
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