The Life Long Benefits of ESC

15.04.21 12:30 PM Comment(s) By Christian Education

Learning with ACE has the potential to be quite isolating, because the students will not know many other young people who are being educated in the same way.  

Student convention is a week-long event especially designed for ACE students to come together and participate in friendly competition. ESC is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet in a safe environment with other young people who have a shared experience with ACE. 

An Opportunity to Share Talents 

ESC is a big competition that covers the arts, sports, music, drama and academics.  

The friendly competition gives students a chance to showcase their talents and get constructive feedback from judges who are experienced in the various fields. 

Discovering New Interests 

We like to encourage students to branch out and enter a category that they've never tried before. ESC is a great opportunity for students to try out different skills and maybe even discover that they have gifts in an area that they wouldn't necessarily have tried otherwise. Many past attendees have nurtured amazing talents in areas such as public speaking, art, and sports, which they discovered when they took part in those events at ESC! 

Christian Encouragement

Along with the opportunities to share and discover, ESC also is a place for students to receive encouragement in their faith. The main goal of the event is to allow students to embrace and express the gifts that God has given them. Through healthy competition, worship, fellowship and special guest speakers, this event aims to highlight the lifetime benefits of Godly character and give students a safe platform to grow into the people they were created to be. 

Long Term Benefits

Most ACE graduates will tell you that ESC was a game changer for them. As well as giving students a reason to practise and hone their natural skills, it also gives them a chance to branch out and discover new things. These opportunities give students valuable experience, which they will be able to use in future careers and higher education. 


Most of all, ESC is a space for students to come together and form lasting friendships in a Christian environment. 

ESC 2021

ESC is online this year, but it's still a great opportunity for students. If a student hasn't experienced ESC before, it would be a perfect way for them to experience the event to get a ‘taster’ in preparation for the full live event which is planned for 2022. 

The upcoming ESC will include special workshops for the students to take part in. This additional feature to ESC 2021 means that not only will they be able to share their gifts, but they will also get the chance to learn ways to improve from people who are experienced in the various fields. Additionally, there will also be opportunities for the participants to interact and get to know each other as fellow ACE students. 


Follow the link below for all the information for ESC 2021. 

Parents and ACE graduates can also get involved! 


With ESC coming up we are looking for some volunteers to be part of the judging team. 
In particular, we need judges who have experience in the following areas: 

  • Academics 
  • Art 
  • Drama 
  • Music 
  • Needle & Thread 
  • Photography 


If you are interested in joining ESC as part of the judging team, please email to apply. 

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