Deciding to home educate is a huge choice which, ultimately, will change the way that you and your children live. With this in mind, here are 5 things to do which will help with your peace of mind when making your decision.
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Understanding is one of the missing elements of our modern world. There is an ever increasing quantity of information and ‘big data’, but an increasing shallowness of understanding in a growing trail of publicationshardcopy and digital.


‘Of the making of books there is no end.’ (Ecclesiastes 1...

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Feeling overwhelmed by your decision to homeschool with TEACH? We've got you covered! Here are 5 important things to prioritise, which in turn, will make everything else a lot easier.
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Change is inevitable... but we have a hope that is firm and unwavering.
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The biblical value of diligent work.
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Are you acknowledging your students when they practise diligence?
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Many have had a taste of homeschooling over this lockdown period, but their experiences may not be an accurate reflection of true homeschooling.
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Apologetics not only a powerful tool to steer the unbeliever in the right direction. Read about the multiple benefits of the study of Apologetics here.
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Having difficulty getting your children to focus on their school work during the day? Read about different ways you can encourage more concentration on studies during the schooling hours.
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Did you know there were alternatives in Education? Read this post to find out more.
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