Training in Godly obedience has a profound affect on children as they journey into the responsibilities of adulthood.
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Christ was so obedient to God that it cost Him His life. But what was the bigger picture? And how can we be encouraged to be obedient in our own walk with God by following Christ's example?
02.04.21 12:30 PM - Comment(s)
How to seek the peace of God in times of unrest.
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Being confident is scientifically proven to affect our mental and physical health for the better, but how can we grow in confidence? Read this blog to find out :)
21.01.21 12:04 PM - Comment(s)
How do we remain fair in a world that treats believers unfairly?
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Understanding is one of the missing elements of our modern world. There is an ever increasing quantity of information and ‘big data’, but an increasing shallowness of understanding in a growing trail of publicationshardcopy and digital.


‘Of the making of books there is no end.’ (Ecclesiastes 1...

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Why the family is an essential part of God's plan for the world.
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The biblical value of diligent work.
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Are you acknowledging your students when they practise diligence?
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How being humble before God can take you to new heights.
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